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Katalog kain terdiri dari 22 jenis kain printing organic, dengan ukuran masing-masing 13x20 cm. 
Motif printing: Retro Tuneage

Jenis kain:

  1. Cotton Eco Twill (new)

  2. Rayon Eco Twill (new)

  3. Cotton Sheeting

  4. Cotton Poplin

  5. Cotton Voile (Organic Voal)

  6. Cotton Spandex

  7. Rayon Challis (Viscose Challis)

  8. Classic Rayon 40

  9. Rayon Voile (Voal)

  10. Satin Viscose

  11. Viscose Filament (new)

  12. TENCEL by Lenzing

  13. Euca Fascia (new)

  14. Cotton Baby Terry

  15. Premium Cotton Jersey

  16. Cotton Bamboo

  17. Lyco Linen

  18. Lyco Voile

  19. Lyco Satin Spandex

  20. Baby Canvas Peach

  21. Baby Canvas Non Peach

  22. Cotton Canvas 10

Masing-masing kain berukuran 13x20 cm

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